New Terms & Usages 《新語・新用法紹介》


No.46 "the Day of Infamy" 真珠湾、9.11、"the Day of Infamy(PDFファイル)
(No.45 "September 11"の補記。読者のご意見を参考に)

No.45 "September 11"

No.44 "good friends"

No.43 "kill"

No.42 "spam"

No.41 "rape"

No.40 "a court of inquiry"

No.39 "e-books, digital books vs. printed books, physical books"

No.38 "LAFS"

No.37 "rotating blackouts, rolling blackouts, rolling outages"

No.36 "fanzines, teenzines"

No.35 "After Deciding What to Call It, What Do You Call What You Call It?"

No.34 "carpetbagger"

No.33 "DUI"

No.32 "biochip"

No.31 "paradigm"

No.30 "erectile-dysfunction"

No.29 "digital divide"

No.28 "DNA detective"

No.27 "snap"

No.26 "cyber-attack / cyberattack"

No.25 "B2B"

No.24 "pharming"

No.23 "wire" (verb)

No.22 "sex-ed"

No.21 "Sandwich Generation"

No.20 "caregiver"

No.19 "pokémania"

No.18 "wired life"

No.17 "sexual harasser"

No.16 "Hawaiian roll"

No.15 "Butterfly Effect"

No.14 "environmental biotechnology"

No.13 "Frankenfood"

No.12 "arpa(net)"

No.11 "OPAC "

No.10 "intellectual property "

No.9 "millennia"

No.8 "extraterrestrial"

No.7 "internet"

No.6 "tilde"

No.5 "physical medium"

No.4 "etext" / "e-zine"

No.3 "Mozart effect"

No.2 "bioterrorism, biological"

No.1 "EID(s)"