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Sadness and gladness succeed each other.「解説Window」

Safety first. 「解説Window」

Sail with the wind and tide. 「解説Window」

Salt water and absence wash away love. 「解説Window」

same knife cuts bread and fingers. The 「解説Window」

tail wags the dog. The 「解説Window」

tailor makes the man. The 「解説Window」

Take a vine of a good soil, and the daughter of a good mother. 「解説Window」

Under a bad cloak lies a good drinker. 「解説Window」

Under a ragged coat lies wisdom. 「解説Window」

Under water famine, under snow bread. 「解説Window」

unhappy boy may make a good man. An 「解説Window」

Vainglory is a flower that bears no corn. 「解説Window」

Valour cannot harbour in base minds. 「解説Window」

Vengeance comes slowly but surely. 「解説Window」

Venture a small fish to catch a great one. 「解説Window」

Wake not a sleeping lion. 「解説Window」

Walls have ears. 「解説Window」

Want is the mother of industry. 「解説Window」

Want of money want of comfort. 「解説Window」

War is sweet to them who know it not. 「解説Window」

War must be waged by waking men. 「解説Window」

X で始まることわざ・成句を探しています。 

year does nothing else but open and shut.The 「解説Window」

Years know more than books. 「解説Window」

You ask an elm tree for peas. 「解説Window」

You cannot know wine by the barrel[cask]. 「解説Window」

You cannot see the city for the houses. 「解説Window」

Zeal has wings. 「解説Window」

Zeal without knowledge is (the) sister of folly. 「解説Window」

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