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J K L  M N O P Q R


 Jack is as good as his master.  「解説Window」

 Jack of all trades and master of none.    「解説Window」

 Jack would be a gentleman if he had money.   「解説Window」

 Joan is as good as my lady in the dark.   「解説Window」

 The joy of the heart makes the face fair.  「解説Window」

 Keep good men company and you shall be of the number. 「解説Window」

 Keep something for the sore foot[for a rainy day].  「解説Window」

 Labour overcomes all things. 「解説Window」

 Lack is a hell.  「解説Window」

 Make a bridge of gold for a flying enemy. 「解説Window」

 make black white    「解説Window」

 Make haste in an ill way to get out of it.   「解説Window」

 Make haste slowly.   「解説Window」

 Make hay while the sun shines.   「解説Window」

 Names and natures do often agree.   「解説Window」

 No such treasures as to live at ease.  「解説Window」

 No summer but has its winter.  「解説Window」

 No taxation withtout representation.  「解説Window」

 No time like the present.   「解説Window」

 Oakes may fall when reeds stand the storm.  「解説Window」

 One pair of heels is worth two pairs of hands.  「解説Window」

 Out of sight, out of mind.  「解説Window」

 Pardon all but thyself.  「解説Window」

 Pardon makes offenders.   「解説Window」

 Pardons and pleasantness are great revenges of slanders.  「解説Window」

 Quick at meal and quick at work.  「解説Window」

 Quick returns make rich merchants.  「解説Window」

 Rancour sticks long by the ribs.  「解説Window」

 Ready money is a ready medicine.  「解説Window」

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