first bicycles



Because of the increases in road traffic and the cost of gasoline in the last few years, people have ( 1 ) the advantages of bicycles as a means of transport. Two of their best points are that they do not need fuel and do not cause pollution; ( 2 ), bicycles are easy to use and fairly comfortable.

This was not always the case, ( 3 ). The first bicycles were heavy and hard to ride. They were moved along by the rider ( 4 ) his feet against the ground. Turning left or right ( 5 ) a good deal of muscle power. For stopping, the rider ( 6 ) entirely on his own strength and skill ( 7 ) there were no brakes. He had a rough ride even under the best conditions because the wheels were made of iron. It is not surprising that people mostly rode bicycles for fun. Some still do, of course, but now bicycles are also an efficient means of ( 8 ) around .

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